5 Photos That Led to Crazy Conspiracy Theories

Our world is filled with crazy conspiracy theories; often times it is something as simple as a photograph that sparks the next ridiculous viral news story.

Theory #1: CERN Has Opened a Portal to Hell

CERN Conspiracy Theories Photograph
CERN’s Portal to Hell

This photograph taken of CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research) in Geneva Switzerland caused the internet to erupt in controversy. The image of what appears to be a massive storm cell swirling in the sky above the CERN had many questioning what exactly CERN was doing in its facilities. CERN is home to the world’s biggest LHC, or Large Hadron Collider, which they use to test new theories in physics. The day the image was taken was the first day of a new experiment called ‘Awake’ where physicists were accelerating particle speeds to change the way particles collide. In physics, it’s theorized that when two highly energized particles collide like the ones in a LHC, it results in the formation of new particles, hypothetically creating more energy. It makes sense that there would be excessive energy near the Large Hadron Collider when this experiment is being performed.

Still, the image is alarming, and causing the less rational among us to form wild theories about what secret activities may be going on at CERN. Some claim that CERN is intentionally altering weather patterns, explaining the massive storm cell. CERN has acknowledged the organization’s past experiments creating artificial clouds to study global warming, but insist these experiments have no effect on the weather. Others believe that, either intentionally or accidentally, CERN has opened a portal to another dimension. The most outrageous theories have accused CERN of intentionally opening a portal to hell to allow Satan passage back to Earth (this comes as no surprise- science and Satan have been in cahoots since the middle ages). People have even claimed that they noticed faces amongst the storm clouds. Regardless of what you believe we are unlikely to learn the full details of CERN’s secretive experiments any time soon. CERN may have the largest Hadron Collider in the world, but smaller ones are everywhere- probably near you, opening doors to unknown dimensions.

Conspiracy Theory #2: Amelia Earhart Was a Japanese POW


Amelia Earhart Conspiracy Theories Photo
Photograph Courtesy of Les Kinney/US national archives

This photograph discovered by a retired Federal Agent, Les Kinney, purportedly indicates that famed female aviator, Amelia Earhart may have died by execution as a Japanese prisoner of war rather than during a plane crash when she, her copilot Fred Noonan, and her aircraft disappeared in March of 1937. The picture shows several individuals standing on a wharf at Jaluit in the Marshal Islands- a territory that was occupied by Japan in 1937. Mystery has surrounded the disappearance of Earhart for decades- many believe she was actually taken prisoner by the Japanese and executed.

In the photograph you can see a short haired woman standing with a crowd of people and in the background, a boat towing in an airplane. Forensic analysts have studied the photograph and concluded based on facial recognition software that it’s “highly likely” that it’s Earhart and Noonan standing in the wharf. De-bunkers have pointed out that the woman in the picture has much longer hair than Earhart did at the time she disappeared, making it impossible for it to be her.

Amelia Earhart was attempting the first female solo flight across the Pacific when she disappeared without a trace in 1937. Many theories surround Earhart’s disappearance: One theory is that she died alone on Gardner Island in the Pacific. Several items such as a makeup case, a zipper and the remains of an unidentified female have been excavated on the island, lending this theory some credibility. Others believe that she rerouted her flight and assumed a new identity, living out her years in the US under an assumed name. The most popular theory is that she died during a plane crash over the Pacific and she, along with Noonan and her aircraft sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

The Japanese have denied the POW allegations, stating that they cannot find any record of Amelia Earhart or Fred Noonan. Many of these records have been destroyed since the war making it impossible to verify or disprove this theory. In 1990 the show Unsolved Mysteries featured an interview with a woman from Saipan who claims to have witnessed the execution of Earhart and Noonan at the hands of the Japanese. Did one of America’s greatest aviation heroes die as a Japanese POW and it’s being covered up by the Japanese government? The debate continues but we may never know what really happened.

Conspiracy Theory #3: OBAMA Is Part of a Pedophilia Ring (#PIZZAGATE)

Obama ping pong pizza gate conspiracy theories
Obama Playing Ping Pong (at the White House)

Obama is a ping pong playing pedophile, or is at least part of a massive cover up involving Hilary Clinton and other key democrats in Washington DC. You may be wondering what ping pong has to do with pedophilia. It’s an absurd chain of events that led to these crazy allegations in 2016. It began when Wikileaks released some of the Clinton’s emails- including those of her aide John Podesta. 4chan and Reddit users did what they do best and scoured those emails looking for far-fetched indications of nefarious activities. They found them in correspondence regarding dinner plans between Podesta and a man named James Alefantis, who owns a DC Pizza Parlor named COMET Ping Pong.

Some of these emails contained references to foods, specifically Cheese Pizza. In a leap of logic that boggles the mind, the powers of internet lore decided that Cheese Pizza is synonymous with child pornography (C.P. = C.P.) and that this, along with many other seemingly innocent food words, is a means for child pornographers to communicate with each other in code. Conspiracy theorists connected the dots between Podesta, COMET Ping Pong, and “cheese pizza”, then added a hashtag and #PizzaGate was born. If you’re having a hard time following the chain of events this visual should clear things up…

pizzagate trail of breadcrumbs conspiracy theories
#PIZZAGATE Trail of Breadcrumbs

In the photo Obama is playing Ping Pong with a child, and some say that it’s an obvious shout out to COMET Ping Pong- the pizza parlor at the center of it all. Some people even claim the picture is of Obama playing ping pong inside COMET Ping Pong, despite visual evidence that the picture was actually taken inside the White House. People with common sense dismiss this theory as ridiculous, but in December of 2016 it became deadly serious when a North Carolina man named Edgar Welch traveled to Washington and stormed into COMET Ping Pong with a rifle in an attempt to rescue the children he believed were being held there. Police apprehended him before anyone was injured, but this serves as a powerful reminder of the power of the internet to turn rumors into real-life drama. The White House has not released any official statements in response to #PizzaGate, presumably because they have better things to do.

Conspiracy Theory #4: The Moon Landing Hoax

Moon Landing Hoax Conspiracy Theories Hoax Photo
Fake Moon Landing Propoganda

This absolutely wouldn’t be a respectable conspiracy theories list if we didn’t at least mention the moon landing, although not because of the picture you’re probably thinking of. Some people have long believed that the moon landings were an elaborate hoax and were in fact, filmed in studio, either in Hollywood or possibly at area 51. The most common image used as proof used by conspiracy theorists is the iconic picture of Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong planting the U.S. flag on the moon. The flag appears to be flapping in the wind (which doesn’t exist on the moon) or floating in space due to the motion of planting it – it depends who you ask. Many people are unaware however, that there are actually several photos that call the moon landing into question. Look closely at this photo from the 1972 Apollo 17 moon landing above and tell me what you see.


Moon landing conspiracy theories photos
See Him?

If you look closely at the reflection in the face shield of the astronaut you’ll see another person standing in the distance- but who is it?

That is the question that has conspiracy theorists across the country buzzing. Many moon doubters look at the reflection and see what they believe to be a poorly positioned stage hand who didn’t realize he was being reflected in the shot. Some see a man with long hair, dressed in a waist coat reminiscent of 1970’s garb. NASA’s official stance on the matter is that the reflected image is that of another astronaut and the image is distorted because of the convex shape of the reflective surface.

The debate rages on though; a recent Gallup poll reveals that 6% of the U.S. population believes that the moon landings were faked propaganda, with an additional 5% undecided on the matter. Whatever you believe, don’t ask Buzz Aldrin about it when you see him, apparently it’s a touchy subject. Just ask Bart Sibrel.

Conspiracy Theory #5: The Las Vegas Shooter Left a Note

Las Vegas Shooter Note Conspiracy Theories Photo
Las Vegas Shooter’s Note

On October 1, 2017 64-year-old Nevada native, Stephen Paddock committed one of the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. He fired over 1100 rounds from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel into the crowd of the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival, killing 58 and wounding 851 before finally taking his own life. He left no clues as to what his motive was for committing such a violent attack, leaving us all to wonder if anything could have been done to prevent such a tragedy. Or did he did leave a clue…

This photograph taken from inside Paddock’s room at the Mandalay Bay reveals a note lying on a table next to scattered assault rifles and Paddock’s feet. The contents of the note are unknown, leading many to believe that the note may have been left by Paddock to explain his actions. Authorities refuse to release the note or divulge what the note said. Shortly after the attack CNN reported that law enforcement sources revealed to them that the note contained coordinates and trajectory calculations. Similarly, Fox 8 reported that law enforcement stated that the note was not a suicide note, but would not reveal what it said.

The vague responses to the note by law enforcement are leading some to question if authorities are intentionally keeping the note a secret. They want to know why the contents of the note can’t be released to the public- if it’s not relevant then what’s the harm in releasing it to the public to put an end to the questions. There’s no denying that there is clearly a paper in the photo, but its contents and Stephen Paddock’s motives remain a mystery.

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